Is PEMF safe?

PEMF technology doesn't cause any harm to the human body. The technology has been used for many years and is considered safe. There are no adverse effects reported with the use of PEMF devices. Feel free to discuss your concerns with us.

Can anyone have a PEMF treatment?

This treatment is safe for anyone, regardless of age or health condition. However, people with medical implants like pacemakers, insulin pumps, etc., or who are pregnant are not recommended for PEMF treatments.

Is there a recovery period after a PEMF session?

No, there isn't. As soon as you are finished with your treatment session you can go right back to your normal routine.

Will I feel any pain during PEMF?

PEMF does not cause any discomfort or pain during treatment. It is a very comfortable procedure that you'll likely find relaxing. No incisions or injections are required during the process. Best of all, patients can reduce pain from conditions like arthritis or inflammation of the joints.

How do I prepare for PEMF?

Please speak with us to see if there are any restrictions. We can provide you with a list of detailed do's and don'ts prior to your appointment. Generally, there isn't much you need to do in preparation for this procedure.

How much does PEMF cost?

The exact cost of PEMF will differ from one patient to another, depending on their needs. Once we've conducted our initial consultation to get a sense of your body, we'll be able to craft a treatment plan tailored just for you. At this point, we'll be able to offer a more accurate cost estimate.

How long does it take to notice the results of PEMF?

Generally, patients feel the results of PEMF almost immediately. However, some patients suffering from chronic conditions may not notice their results until after about 1 – 2 weeks of treatment.